Sharon Rothstein MD MPH Professional Violin Instruction


I’ve been with Miss Sharon for as long as I can remember.  We started at the very basics and now I’m at a very advance level of playing.  It’s all been an amazing experience.  I had many opportunities like playing for charity in a hospital or simply playing in chamber groups with other students.  It’s just all too good.  She is the best teacher that could teach violin to you.


Warren L., violin student age 14



I was very fortunate to be Sharon's first student. She is not only my teacher, but my mentor and friend as well. She is very passionate in her teaching and I definitely received a solid foundation. Sharon always extends herself in every possible way to help you be the best violinist you can be!


Tiffany L., first violin student in Miss Sharon’s studio, age 16


Sharon Rothstein’s passion extends beyond her violin skills and instruction. She

connects with her students to build confidence and to help discover how to best motivate them. She also provides parents with great tips to keep their child progressing. I would highly recommend Sharon. She is an exceptional instructor!

Angela F., studio parent


We think Miss Sharon's studio is special because she always strives to make each lesson meaningful and fun. Miss Sharon works hard to understand the needs of each individual student, and she realizes that teaching is not a formulaic process, but rather an experience that, for success, must appeal to the unique aspects of each personality she encounters. We are so appreciative of her excellence in making the joys of learning music so spectacular.

Bridget B., studio parent

Miss Sharon’s studio has a wonderful, homey, and relaxed environment. I am amazed at how my boys have developed musically over the years that they studied violin with Miss Sharon. In fact I did not know they had talent for music. Miss Sharon has really helped them excel in violin by never compromising her expectations for them. One could not ask for a better teacher who inspires and expects the best from her students.

Kauser F., studio parent


Miss Sharon is a unique teacher in that she has a true passion for violin, which is evident in her teaching. I especially admired and appreciate her ability to adjust the lessons based on the child's temperament at each lesson. We are grateful for the time and hard work she puts in making her studio more than a place for
learning to play the violin.


Allison L., studio parent


I like Miss Sharon because she is nice. She teaches me lots of stuff. She is a very helpful teacher, and she encourages me to do more.


Maggie L., violin student, age 7


We consider ourselves fortunate to be part of Sharon’s studio. She is very dedicated to her students and will always go to that extra mile so the kids understand music and enjoy playing the violin.


Alejandra M., studio parent (Raquel, age 10 and Julian, age 6, violin students)


Miss Sharon has been my teacher for as long as I can remember and I’ve loved every minute of it. She’s a great teacher and is so helpful. She offers so many opportunities for others and myself to grow not only as musicians, but also as people. Sharon’s studio is like my second home and I am so grateful to have her as a teacher.

Iris S., violin student, age 14


I really, really love Miss Sharon. She is so cool.

Liesl B., violin student, age 4



Sharon has a unique way of connecting with each student on a personal level and helping them achieve a love and excitement for the violin. Her weekly chamber music rehearsal and monthly recital classes, combined with regular interaction with her other professional musical colleagues, provide valuable musical and social interaction that cannot be found with any other teacher in this area. I have enjoyed studying with her as an adult student as well as having her teach my two very young daughters. We are fortunate to be a part of her studio and to have her in our family's lives.

Becky B., studio parent and home schooling mother



I’m thrilled that my three-year-old daughter is a part of Miss Sharon’s studio. Sharon is an excellent teacher and has incredible patience (even with these little ones), making the experience so enjoyable, they want to learn. She’s very knowledgeable, both in violin performance and also in the art of instruction. She’s always accessible and ready to answer questions, supportive and encouraging. I’m amazed at the progress my daughter has made – we can’t wait for our lessons every week!



Lisa B., studio parent



I like Miss Sharon because she is nice. I love coming to see her and having violin lessons. Violin classes with other students are fun.

Addie B., age 3 1/2, violin student



Miss Sharon is a great teacher. She encourages me when I think I can't do it. She does it step by step with me. I have been seeing her once a week for three years! I have learned so much about music from her.


Eliana S., age 9, violin student

I started as a beginning violin student in Miss Sharon’s studio over 5 years ago. It has been a great experience. I like performing and playing chamber music. The cookies and suckers that we get at rehearsals and lessons are really good too! Miss Sharon helps me to do my best and wants me to practice a lot. This is very important because that is how I got into youth symphony orchestra (Civic Sinfonia affiliated with the DSO).

Liam H., violin student, age 10

Sharon Rothstein is one of the finest violin teachers in the state of Michigan. Whether dealing with a beginner, or a student who is a "work in progress", she is dedicated to the development of the individual artist and human being. Her passion for music and all things violinistic is matched by her probing intellect and dedication to the training of young violinists.

John H. Gilbert, Chair of Strings
Professor of Violin
School of Music
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409
(806) 742 -2270 X 224


Miss Sharon is a wonderful teacher who really knows how to connect to young students and motivate them to learn violin. Her studio is warm and inviting and makes the children feel at ease. She offers a variety of learning experiences for violin students including recitals, group classes and opportunities for the student to "help teach" other kids by assisting and demonstration.

Stephanie B., studio parent


Miss Sharon is a great teacher!!! When I began violin, my brother was really the one who was going to do it. I am so happy my mom let me do it. I begged so much. I think it’s so cool that kids can learn violin at such a young age. I love Miss Sharon. I want to do violin for a long time.

Julia B., violin student, age 10

Violin is really cool and really hard, but when you practice, it gets easier. I like coming to lessons and using the metronome on the computer. When I have a good lesson, I get a chocolate tootsie pop….those are my favorite!

Micah B., violin student, age 6


We think Miss Sharon's studio has been a great place for our daughter to learn the skills, confidence, and admiration for violin. It has been almost three years of weekly lessons, and Miss Sharon's dedication, passion, extreme patience and direction has been instrumental in our daughter's development. Miss Sharon is always available for guidance, gets back to us immediately when we have a problem, and we would recommend her to anyone who is eager to learn violin.

Jennifer and Paul S., studio parents

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