Sharon Rothstein MD MPH Professional Violin Instruction

Student Accomplishments

 Sharon Rothstein MD MPH
Farmington Hills, MI
(248) 865-3060

Many students in my studio have won competitions, prizes, or been honored in some way for their excellence in violin playing. Listed below are a few of the many notable accomplishments of my students:


Students have been Concerto Competition Winners  in the Junior Division at Interlochen Arts Camp, Interlochen, Michigan.


Students have won merit scholarships from the Livonia Youth Symphony Orchestra Faculty Committee to attend Interlochen Arts Camp.


Students have successfully auditioned for and attended the Interlochen Arts Academy High School in Interlochen, Michigan.

Many of my students have attended the junior, intermediate and high school divisions at the Interlochen Arts Camp, Interlochen, MI.
Students from my studio typically place in the top orchestra of each division when they audition.  Most recently, a 10 year old student was placed in the 1st violin section of JSE (Junior String Ensemble) and a 15 year old student was placed 8th chair of the 1st violin section of the World Youth Orchestra.


Many students hold first chair positions in their respective school orchestras. Additionally, many students each year receive a "1" or superior rating for their performances at both regional and state solo and ensemble contests.

Many studio members are specially recognized and invited to perform at all-school assemblies as featured soloists on a regular basis.

Many students have won auditions and performed with all levels of the Livonia Youth Symphony (Concert Strings, Symphony Strings, Philharmonic Orchestra). Students as young as age 4 have won auditions with the concert strings group.


Students have won auditions and performed with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony of greater Detroit and Oakland Youth Orchestra's top group - Symphony.

A student won an honorable mention in Oakland Youth Orchestra's top level Concerto competition.

Many students have won auditions and won positions as Concertmaster and Principal Second Violin with Civic Sinfonia, Civic Philharmonic, & Detroit Civic Orchestra (the youth symphony groups associated with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra organization). Students as young as age 6 have won auditions with the Civic Sinfonia Orchestra.


Students have performed as featured soloists at Festival of the Arts Events and at Arts Awards Ceremonies at the Costick Center in Farmington Hills, MI.
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